We believe in the Four Irrefutable Truths of Natural Horsemanship:

The horse is NEVER wrong

Bits do not 'control' horses

Horses are a perfect mirror of ourselves and our horsemanship

Horses Never Lie













If you find a friend in life before somebody else finds him you're real lucky. You'll meet a lot of people and have a lot of acquaintances, but as far as having friends - they are very rare and very precious.But every horse you ride can be your friend because you ask this of them. This is real important to me. You can ask the horse to do your thing, but you ASK HIM; you offer it to him in a good way. You fix it up and let him find it. You do not make anything happen, no more than you can make a friendship happen.

My goal with the horse is not to beat someone; it's to win within myself. To do the best job that I can do and tomorrow try to do better. You will be working on yourself to accomplish this, not your horse. You will work to recognize how you feel toward your horse. You will work to recognize how you feel toward your horse and how your horse answers you back;how he understands you, and how he takes it. There shouldn't be any hassle; there shouldn't be a big flare up. Mentally, your horse should not weigh anything. When you ask your horse to do something it should be his idea. This is the goal. In the end, when you ask your horse to do something, he wants to do it, he likes to do it, he understands how to do it and he does it.

You'll find out when you get this accomplished that you're going to be a horseman. Not that I am one. Someday I hope to be one, but the horse has taught me this. To understand the horse you'll find that you are going to be working on yourself. The horse will give you the answers and he will question you to see if you are sure or not. So it's the confidence you give him and the understanding; the purpose and the meaning behind what you ask him to do that is going to make the big difference. As you work with your horse, see how much of this is the horse's idea, or much of it is all your idea and if he is forced into it. If he's not forced into it you'll see a great attitude. Your idea should become his idea and when he does, then there will be no drag.










Natural Horsemanship

"NO Whips...NO Bits...NO Spurs...and NO Round Penning"


Michael Gonzalez

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Our goal is to help others find that freedom and assist them in developing a relationship, and partnership, IN SPITE OF whips, bits, saddles or spurs. Not because of them.

Let us help you discover the relationship with your horse that you have always wanted.

Feeling IS believing !!!


Our 4 year old Granddaughter learning how to use a direct rein while riding her 14 year old 'Topaz' bareback and in a rope halter. Janessa is learning early on the importance of natural balance and working with FEEL.

M"Most horse people think their horses are unpredictable but actually, they are not. When you understand the nature of horses, and the nature of horse-human relations, there is no such thing as unpredictable".

.....“Don’t blame the horse for being who he is. You bought him, you chose him. It’s your responsibility to do the right thing by the horse and develop your skills so you are good enough for him. Otherwise sell him to someone who cares enough to learn about the nature of horses and how to get on with them... and stop blaming the horse.”

Linda Parelli

Savvy Up Newsletter April /June 2004


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Bareback and bridle-less on the trail:

Trust, Respect and Communication

Mental + Emotional Control

= Physical Control

Natural Horsemanship For Kids

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